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27 Jun 2014

Currency conundrum is key in independence debate

I promised earlier in June that we would be publishing a series of blogs looking at referendum issues important to Chamber members or to the…

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09 Jun 2014

Referendum - now the end game begins

So we are now into the final stretch of the marathon that has been the Scottish constitutional referendum campaign. The last 16 weeks will b…

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28 May 2014

Art School will rise from the ashes

On Friday afternoon I felt that dull thud of shock in the stomach that you get when a piece of news catches you unprepared.  We had just fin…

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16 May 2014

A meeting with true heavyweights of business

You might have noticed that Sir Richard Branson was in Scotland earlier this week. On Monday afternoon we took a senior delegation of 20 Ch…

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12 May 2014

Plan Bee - a crowdfunding success

Following on from my April 2 blog about Plan Bee, last year's Glasgow Business Awards' Green Champions who give you the opportunity to adopt…

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09 May 2014

STV Glasgow will tell the city story

We've been taking our business leadership series Glasgow Talks out on the road over the last two months - with thoroughly stalwart support f…

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