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24 Oct 2019

A sparkling evening at the GBAs

Over the past five years the number of businesses in the City of Glasgow has grown by over 2,300, a 13% increase with the city now hosting j…

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24 Oct 2019

Much to be considered in Workplace Parking Levy issue

Meddling with commuters in their journey to work is a risky venture. East Londoners made that plain last week when climate change protesters…

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01 Oct 2019

Two more signs that Glasgow is getting it right

This last week two nuggets of news that say something about the progress Glasgow is making in its new phase of growth caught my eye. Firstl…

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27 Sep 2019

COP26 a climate change coup for Glasgow

If there was any doubt that climate change would be an influential topic in Scotland over the next year, the announcement that Glasgow is to…

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06 Sep 2019

Good news for Glasgow in a bad political week

Odd though it may sound to say so in the current political circumstances, it has been a pretty good last week or so for Glasgow.  Two milest…

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22 Aug 2019

Counting cranes - a sign of the city’s success

Crane count is globally recognised as a way of quickly gauging the current investment success, or otherwise, of city centres. It might not …

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