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Transport industry leaders call for cross-sector collaboration on Clyde Metro

Leading transport industry figures are calling for cross-sector collaboration and a customer-centric approach to the Clyde Metro programme at an event hosted by Deloitte today.

The event will see local government, policy makers, developers, investors and senior leaders of large organisations gather for panel and breakout discussions, sharing industry insights and fostering a sense of ownership on the principles of confident delivery in relation to the programme.

Attendees will hear from a panel of speakers, made up of:

  • Mark Wild: CEO at gas network operator SGN and former CEO of Crossrail
  • Rob Scopes: Infrastructure and Capital Projects Lead Partner at Deloitte
  • Mary Hewitt: Consulting Partner leading on transport transformation projects at Deloitte
  • Jenni MacKenzie: Senior Transport Consultant and previously Senior Programme Manager and Fleet Manager for major events including the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games
  • Ross Martin: Adviser on Regional Economies and a member of the Connectivity Commission, which birthed the concept of Clyde Metro 

Mark Wild, CEO at SGN, said: “The Clyde Metro programme is an exciting and ambitious endeavour that will transform the transport experience and drive economic growth in the region. Throughout my time leading Crossrail to the opening of the Elizabeth Line, I learned valuable lessons that can be of value for the Clyde Metro programme. One of the most important lessons is the need for Clyde Metro to define and maintain focus on the envisaged end state and outcomes at every stage of the development process. While it's important to balance the needs and demands of the programme delivery interim phases, it is essential not to lose sight of the desired outcomes.

“Inevitably in today’s increasingly hyper-complex world, external crises and challenges will arise during the long lifespans of these sorts of major programmes. To best manage these uncertainties, Clyde Metro will need resilient buy-in from across political, business, societal, and governmental arenas. By building strong relationships and partnerships, Clyde Metro can effectively manage these inevitable challenges and ensure the success of the programme.”

Jenni MacKenzie, Senior Transport Consultant, said: “The Clyde Metro programme is more than just a transport project – it will have a significant impact on education, employment, and economic growth in the region. To ensure its success, Clyde Metro must engage across the stakeholder landscape, both at a sectoral level, but also beyond.  Bringing all the stakeholders together and aligned around a set of common objectives will result in the successful execution of the design, delivery, and execution of this integrated multi-modal transport ecosystem. By doing so, Clyde Metro can ultimately improve the end customer experience.

“However, with the introduction of a multi-modal delivery system, there are new risks to consider, such as increased complexity within the supply chain and managing change. Therefore, Clyde Metro should develop strategies and plans to mitigate these risks and ensure the success of the programme.”

Rob Scopes, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Lead Partner at Deloitte, added: “The Clyde Metro programme is of national and regional significance, with far reaching ambition to transform the economy of the region. We work with a wide variety of clients tackling some of the most challenging projects in order to deliver societal benefits including better places to live and work. It is essential that all stakeholders ’set up for success’ at all stages of a project’s lifecycle – taking a holistic view of the whole eco-system including client bodies, advisors, supply chain partners and so forth.  Done well, this can unlock value and accelerate delivery.”

Breakout sessions following the panel discussion will focus on:

Delivery excellence

  • Considering the conditions for success, specifically in the pre-construction phase
  • Starting with the end in mind and clarifying the ultimate objective
  • Designing to cost and not letting costs, aspirations and requirements escalate
  • Driving the necessary integration and consensus across very diverse participants.

Not just a transport system

  • Ensuring wider benefits are considered, beyond just government investment criteria and calculations
  • Engaging with stakeholders who might see Clyde Metro as solely a transport project, and with harder-to-engage customers
  • Avoiding cannibalisation and enhancing the existing proposition
  • Futureproofing the programme by building in technology and digital innovation from the outset – from both a customer and operational standpoint
  • Taking a balanced approach to cost, performance and customer service
  • Ensuring the participation of, and creating a sense of ownership within, broader communities and business ecosystems
  • Building a wholly inclusive Metro, beyond just accessibility. 

Clyde Metro, a multimodal, mass transit public transport system, initially emerged as a key recommendation from Transport Scotland’s national Strategic Transport Projects Review 2. It is one of eighteen developments identified as being of national importance under the statutory National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4).

It also forms a key part of various regional and local strategies, including Strathclyde Partnership for Transport’s statutory Regional Transport Strategy and Glasgow City Council’s Transport Strategy. 

Pictured: Mary Hewitt, Consulting Partner leading on transport transformation projects at Deloitte; Rob Scopes, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Lead Partner at Deloitte; Angela Mitchell, Senior Partner for Scotland at Deloitte; Ross Martin, Adviser on Regional Economies; Jenni MacKenzie, Senior Transport Consultant; and Mark Wild, CEO at SGN.

Picture courtesy of Chris Watt Photography

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