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10 Oct 2018

Scotland’s Urban Age report – what Stuart Patrick said at the launch

For the first time in human history more people live in cities than the countryside - by 2050 it could be 70% of the global population. Sco…

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12 Jun 2018

Diana Peralta: A new membership blog!

“What is this all about?” you’ll be thinking. It’s about interaction and engagement between us, Your Chamber, and you, our members.  I’m g…

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17 Jan 2018

Diana Peralta: Favourite Chamber Event

I was asked to write about my favourite event this year and it has been difficult to choose just one. The Behind the Scenes at Celtic Park, …

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17 Jan 2018

Sarah Heaney: Favourite Chamber Event

When asked what my favourite event was this year it was hard to make a decision as I have had so many highlights and met so many wonderful i…

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11 Jan 2018

Ross Flockhart: Understanding Social Media

After reading some of my colleague’s blogs about Chamber events that have made an impression on them, I really struggled to pin point one sp…

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09 Jun 2017

Made in Glasgow

By Alan Busby, Head of Events I am going to let you into a little trade secret, there are very few events that go to plan or are delivered …

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