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Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa

Why did you join the Chamber?

Joining the chamber was part of a strategy to make the Old Course Hotel more visible to the corporate market in Glasgow. We are hopeful that being more proactive in the city will result in new business leads and connections leading to sales and long-term business relationship.

What benefits have you received from membership (eg introductions, attending events, networking, marketing etc)?

I have already attended a host of members events including speed networking, guest speaker events and seasonal get togethers. However, the most valuable aspect has been introductions that Sarah has been able to make directly to other members. We have also recently worked with the Chamber to invite new clients to a BD event we are hosting in April resulting in a full guest list!

What are you looking forward to from the Chamber in the future?

The key thing for the Old Course Hotel is to continue to be visible in Glasgow by attending events and being interactive with other members. I will also be spending lots more time in Glasgow over the coming months meeting as many members as possible to understand any which way we can work tighter. 

Alan Whitelock, Senior Corporate Sales, Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa

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