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ACS Clothing

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About the organisation:  

ACS Clothing is a fashion rental fulfilment and refurbishment centre offering brands and retailers a solution to embrace the circular economy. ACS's services include warehousing, order management, RFID technology integration, powerful and eco-friendly ozone cleaning and sanitisation, expert clothing repairs, and automated picking, packing and dispatch of orders. 

ACS Clothing’s key sustainability highlights: 

  • ACS Clothing is embracing a circular economy for the fashion industry and is at the front of the rental revolution. 
  • ACS is aiming to be a Net Zero business by 2025 and has already achieved zero waste to landfill. 
  • Working with a local sensory school, ACS is establishing a biodiversity bubble featuring beehives and a bird sanctuary. 

In detail  

ACS Clothing has taken a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that they have considered how to minimise environmental impact and enable a circular economy in every area of the business. ACS is aiming to be Net-Zero by 2025 and has already achieved zero waste to landfill, reduced food waste in its canteen by 25% and saved £25,000 by fitting smart LED lighting.  

But these steps are just the start. As a result of its commitment to sustainability across its entire business, ACS is considered as a leader in its industry. Its ambitious work to create a better industry that is not the second biggest polluter globally, is just beginning. 

The rental revolution 

With a growing awareness of the environmental impact of clothing production, the UK rental clothing sector is growing. ACS is at the front of this rental revolution and has been since the company’s inception in 1997. Providing rental services to hundreds of stores across the UK, ACS has the latest technology and years of expertise to ensure garments are used for as long as possible through good care, repair and refurbishment. 

Did you know that when a customer returns a clothing product with make-up stains or small defects, many retailers do not have the resource or capability to repair these items and they are usually sent to landfill? Through innovative technology and expertise in garment refurbishment, ACS can assist online retailers in helping to extend a garment’s life meaning that more items can be sent for resale. 

A lasting legacy  

Another important area of ACS Clothing’s commitment to a better, greener future is its work with local communities and our young people 

In 2021, ACS employed 34 young people through the UK Government Kickstart Scheme. It is also working with local sensory schools to establish a biodiversity bubble surrounding its facility which will include bee hives, an insect house, a butterfly garden and a bird sanctuary.  

Finally, ACS is supporting Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s My Climate Path initiative, a new programme to inform and inspire our young people on the roles and skills required for the jobs of the future that will drive sustainable economic growth in a circular and a net zero economy. During COP26, the initiative will host a Sustainable Fashion Festival with hundreds of young people in attendance. 

There is so much to learn from ACS’s circular economy journey. For inspiration and to find out what other ways it is committing to Net-Zero, visit the link below. 

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Learn more about ACS’s Circular Economy ambitions 

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