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City of Glasgow College

Industry: Education

About the organisation:

City of Glasgow College is Scotland’s largest technical and professional skills college. Its award- winning twin-site super campus in the heart of Glasgow offers outstanding resources and opportunities for students to gain essential skills for their future careers.

Key sustainability highlights:

  • The college has committed to achieving net zero by 2040, and in the last five years has already reduced its carbon emissions by 33%
  • Will host up to 200 climate education workshops during COP26
  • Leading Glasgow City Region in developing a skills base to support the home energy retrofit across housing stock in the area

In detail

As Scotland’s largest college, City of Glasgow College is committed to playing its part in raising environmental awareness and inspiring climate action.

Climate education

During COP26, it will host a series of innovative workshops aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the impact of climate change.

Partnering with Climate Fresk, a global organisation committed to climate education, the college will host up to 200 climate education workshops throughout the landmark event. 

Sustainability Strategy

Looking beyond COP26, City of Glasgow College has a long-term commitment to sustainability and tackling climate change, implementing several environmental measures across the college:

  • Committed to becoming net zero by 2040
  • Invested in a 100% electric vehicle fleet
  • Introduced electric bikes for staff to travel between our twin site campus
  • Invested in an industrial composter ensuring it now diverts 100% food waste from anaerobic digestion by composting directly on site
  • No longer sells single use plastic bottles in its catering outlets and vending machines

'Home Energy Retrofit'

City of Glasgow College is leading the Glasgow City Region in developing the skills base to support the 'Home Energy Retrofit' across housing stock in the area.

A key element of the Scottish Government's Climate Action Plan, the 'Home Energy Retrofit' project will also help Glasgow City Council’s journey towards its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. 

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