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Ross Flockhart: Understanding Social Media

After reading some of my colleague’s blogs about Chamber events that have made an impression on them, I really struggled to pin point one specific event that stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Hence the delay in getting this blog out.

I slept on it and came back the following day following an epiphany. What else have I been part of with Glasgow Chamber that I have found extremely valuable? Then it came to me. Training. Not the bombshell I’m sure you were expecting?

Hear me out.

Over the last six months we have developed training courses alongside design agency MadeBrave, aimed at social media skills and understanding. Now as someone who came from a very limited skill set in digital media (I got the job as the Digital Media and Events Executive at the Chamber by the way) and very little experience in digital in my previous jobs, the courses really stood out as something that would help push me in the right direction in achieving the social media holy grail. Whatever that might be...

So long story short I signed myself up. Expecting another training course that I’ve sat through a million times, telling me how social media can ‘revolutionise your business’ and ‘take it to the next level’ forgetting that yes, pretty much all of us in the room have, in fact heard of what Facebook can do, the reach of Twitter and the product sales potential of Instagram. What we want to know is how we use them correctly. We know how to post, but we want to know what content is right, we want to know how to track this, to see what our members/clients/customers really want and have the right tone of voice when doing this. We want our social media presence to feel like an individual person that everyone can connect with.

The guys at MadeBrave answered my prayers. When looking for new social media trainers we finally felt that MadeBrave got us, and what we wanted from social media training. And as such, we now offer courses that we feel are adding real value. On a personal note, the courses have taught me to look at social media in a totally different way and the fact that it is exactly what it says it is. Social.

I felt that these courses taught me more than just what the platforms are capable of. They taught me how to connect with our followers and engage with them in a way that is fun and works for us both.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still new to this game so there’s a few bits and bobs I’m still getting my head around, but I’m heading in the right direction!

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