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Made in Glasgow

By Alan Busby, Head of Events

I am going to let you into a little trade secret, there are very few events that go to plan or are delivered exactly as an Event Manager might hope, and I had such great hopes and expectations for Made in Glasgow …

“There is something about people who have walked the walk and talked the talk” are words that have echoed in my mind for a few years now, from an off-the cuff remark on someone’s feedback form at a training course they had attended.

The concept of peer to peer learning is not new, and is something that we have encouraged the development of in our training calendar, not just using academics but people who are involved in the delivery of products or services in their industry.

I have also over the last few years been conscious of the success of our Glasgow Talks events, where we host business leaders and have them share the story of their career and observations of their learning from a large variety of brands.

There are so many success stories out there in the Glasgow business community, and so much inspiration for other leaders. Made in Glasgow was about sharing a snapshot of some of these stories. 

The idea was simple – get 12 speakers, give them 10 minutes each to share their business story – not to pitch, but to tell their story: their challenges, their strengths, their failures and successes.

And we got a fantastic line-up of different brands involved. These included Sticky Heelz, Trtl, SwarmOnline, Trakke, The Drink Cabinet, KOR, MindAppster, BioReliance, WeeBox, Odro, Linian Supply Co Ltd and our Platinum Partners 29studios.

All of the speakers did a wonderful job, and gave our delegates an insight into their strategies for growth and development, while also sharing their insights on their business journey.

One speaker that I want to mention in this blog is Lynne Jhangeer, of LINIAN Supply Co Ltd who was presenting for the first time. Lynne delivered an account of how her father started the business, the succession transition that allowed both her brother and herself to take the reigns and outlined their business ambitions. One ambition was to trade internationally and Lynne took the audience through the fast learning (and at time hysterical) curve that she had been on to enable them to do so.

Lynne’s talk very much embodied what we hoped to achieve with Made in Glasgow, and she let us know her thoughts on the event.

“I really loved listening to the other speakers and attendees, so many fabulous stories came out of the day which was great.  It fired us up again to tackle our next perceived hurdle which was exporting and came away all reinvigorated that it was probably easier than we had made up in our own minds.

First order came in from Estonia last week so that's exciting.”

So, as I mentioned earlier, there are very few events that are delivered exactly as an Event Manager may have planned in advance, but I think, Made in Glasgow excelled. 

Check out images, and the thoughts of our speakers and delegates at #MIG2017

Get a flavour for Made in Glasgow by watching our video.

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