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Data analytics specialist Bellrock Technology is working with Angel Trains to transform the process of rolling stock maintenance

Bellrock Technology, the award-winning Scottish data analytics specialist, is working with Angel Trains, one of Britain’s leading rolling stock asset managers, to change the face of train maintenance. 

The company, which helps organisations across every sector of the economy become data-driven, has used its consultancy expertise to provide a ‘proof of value’ that shows how cutting-edge solutions can transform the process of Angel Trains’ condition monitoring of its rolling stock. 

Bellrock Technology has done this by taking condition monitoring data generated by rolling stock components and linking it to the advanced analytics based on Angel Trains domain expertise, thereby optimising its systems and helping to maximise the continued service of its components. 

Two of the undertaken for Angel Trains show the value that could be generated from data. Bellrock Technology was tasked with using its expertise to work with Angel Trains on the monitoring of train doors. 

One project centred around what happens when a train door generates a fault. Normal practice is that the train is taken out of service so the door could be examined back at a depot by an engineer. More often than not, no fault was found, and the train was put back in service – only for the fault to resurface once more. 

Angel Trains worked with Bellrock Technology to provide a proof of value solution that better interpreted the data generated by sensors on the door, providing them with more meaningful information about the door, and therefore aiding the decision whether or not to take the train out of service. For this project, Bellrock Technology delivered a resolution in just four weeks. 

Bellrock Technology also analysed the data generated from engines, in particular involving the working of the wax-type thermostat for engines’ cooling systems. This thermostat is used to open and close a radiator coolant loop to control the warming and cooling of the engine. Through better interpretation of data from the engine, it is hoped that in the future this issue regarding the thermostat is more likely to be spotted, maximising its use. 

These solutions are being delivered through Bellrock Technology’s award-winning software, Lumen®, which automates the process, significantly reducing the manpower and length of time needed to gain insights from their data. 

Adam Brown, Chief Executive of Bellrock Technology, said the work the company had carried out for Angel Trains showed just how beneficial providing real data insights at rapid speed and scale is to a business. This is not only for companies and organisations in the transport sector but also across all areas of the economy where there is a growing need to achieve data insights as quickly as possible. 

He said: “Bellrock Technology has extensive knowledge and world-class capabilities that help companies gain real value from their data. We have achieved this by removing the ‘pinch point’ that most businesses like Angel Trains experience – turning analytic innovations into operational, deployed, secure and robust systems that gleans full value from their data. 

“Such data-analysing capabilities mean that we as a company can accelerate success by understanding the challenges businesses face much quicker. Our award-winning proprietary software Lumen® is the product that can deliver this success, but our talented team also complements it. They have a wealth of expertise that can help businesses both large and small extract meaningful information from their data and deliver real-time insights.” 

Graham Dutton, Product Technology Manager at Angel Trains, said: “The expertise of Bellrock Technology has been a huge asset to Angel Trains, creating tangible results for our rolling stock. We can now code and assess our assets ourselves over a shorter timescale, which has benefited us as a business.”

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