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Attendance limits at outdoor events to be lifted

The First Minister confirmed that from next week (17 January) government will begin to lift the measures introduced before Christmas. 

From Monday 17 January:

  • The attendance limit of 500 at large-scale outdoor events will be lifted
    • The Covid certification scheme will remain in place for those and other events and venues previously covered, but with two changes.
      • Organisers of large events of 1000 or more should check the certification status of at least 50% of attendees, rather than the current 20%, or at least 1,000 people - whichever figure is higher.
      • The requirement to be ‘fully vaccinated’ for the purposes of Covid certification will include having a booster if the second dose was more than four months ago. 

The Cabinet will next review the data at the next meeting on 18 January and hopes this will allow to lift the other protective measures - limits on indoor live events, table service in hospitality and distancing in indoor public places - from 24 January.

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