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Build a better intranet with SharePoint

Most organisations have out of date static intranet sites that do not serve the employees they were designed for. Despite the advancements in technology many users are not getting the most from their current intranet. With the latest updates to modern intranets your business can now do so much more.

Today, a modern intranet needs to be accessible from anywhere as well as being simple to manage and easy for users to create and share content. A good intranet supports communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and drives productivity and user engagement.

In our latest webinar we will go through the capabilities of the modern SharePoint experience to show you what is possible and realise the benefits of a SharePoint intranet. Throughout the session we will also be sharing our best practices and lessons learned from successfully implementing modern intranets for our clients. 

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Cloud backup and disaster recovery

Cyber security threats are on the rise. Ensuring your organisation is prepared for the worst case scenario where your security and IT systems are breached is key to survival.

With the rise of ransomware and almost daily reports of companies all across the world being hacked or locked out of their system, a strong cloud back up and disaster recovery strategy is key. A strong mitigator for the risk of a breach is knowing you can set things right again quickly.

There are a wide range of different cloud based solutions available to allow your organisations an easy and affordable solution to provide you peace of mind.

In this event we cover how to backup your infrastructure, data, systems, documents and applications. We explore how you can do this and some of the key technologies you should be incorporating into your cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy.

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