How a founding principle of socially driven coaching grew to an award-winning community of over 200. The story of Know You More... | Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
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How a founding principle of socially driven coaching grew to an award-winning community of over 200. The story of Know You More...

Know You More (KYM) is a socially-driven coaching provider and platform. Founded with the mission of  supporting young people to achieve their best, KYM delivers online coaching for public and private sectors, with clients as diverse as the NHS, Ocado and the University of Edinburgh.

The backstory

We started back in 2015, helping large, small and third sector organisations deliver coaching at scale to more of their people. With a community of over 150 accredited coaches, we deliver tailored programmes that focus on leadership, wellbeing and professional and personal development, all with the founding principle of giving back.

For every commercial client we work with, we reinvest our resources into providing the same amount of support to young adults through our social reinvestment initiatives, Level Up and Build Up.

‘We wanted to create something that helped people to reach their potential, understand their worth, and embed those kinds of positive messages in everything they do.’

The Level Up programme was created as the first step towards achieving our social mission. A Free personal leadership initiative that uses coaching to empower young adults aged 18 – 25 from all backgrounds. Giving them the chance to learn how to achieve their personal, work and education goals, to lead happy and healthy lives and to inspire them to make valuable contributions to their communities. 

As a further development opportunity, we recently launched a free coaching skills training programme, Build Up, to guide young people towards a future where they can live and work to their full potential. Designed with the vision of making the coaching industry a more inclusive and welcoming space, Build Up equips young adults with essential coaching leadership skills that will bring benefits in employment and in life. Build Up is also a first step towards coaching accreditation, contributing to lowering the barriers to coaching training for the young population.

Shaping the future of coaching

We’ve learned that coaching works best when it's accessible and inclusive beyond the boardroom. Retention and engagement are much more complex than salaries and benefits packages, employers need to be invested in their staff on a deeper level to maintain a workforce that are committed to the goals of the organisation as much as they are to their own progression.

In addition to providing essential features such as scalability, and impact measurement, we aim to offer coaching as a viable staff and leadership development option, leveraging the power of digital technology while keeping human connections at the heart of everything we do.
People development needs to take in a whole range of topics like wellbeing, leadership, returning to work and continuous development if it is to truly benefit an organisation and an individual. We know from our many successes that coaching is a powerful development tool and scaling it across an organisation can have astonishing effects on growth, productivity and engagement.

‘We knew there was a better way to deliver meaningful coaching that could become self- sustaining. The goal was to create something that built on the positivity that our kind of coaching brings and make sure it became part of the culture of the organisation we’re working with. So that in future, everyone benefits.’

We focus our offering on making coaching more sustainable for our clients, by creating an opportunity to embed coaching into the organisation’s culture. Developing a philosophy of life-long learning into overall business strategy and bringing the benefits of coaching and coaching skills to every employee from graduate to board member.

To find out more about Know You More and how we can support your business, visit our website.  For real time updates, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our LinkedIn page.

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