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Get Inspired 2021
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Get Inspired 2021

Our world is only 8.6% circular. That means that only 8.6% of global resources are being circulated back into our economies and communities. Or that 91.4% of our planet’s finite resources are currently being wasted.

But amongst the startling statistics about our increasingly challenging climate emergency, there are businesses and organisations driving change. Pioneering new innovations, embracing new technologies, supporting and developing the workforce of tomorrow. We need a circular economy. And the business community is leading the way.

Welcome to Circular Glasgow’s Get Inspired 2021 event. Across the morning, we will be exploring 3 key themes:

  • Tech.
  • Innovation.
  • Youth.

Join us for a morning of circular economy conversation with businesses including ACS Clothing, CuanTec, Young Enterprise Scotland, Topolytics, Celtic Renewables, Hypervine and more!

At Get Inspired 2021, as well as hearing from expert businesses and entrepreneurs, you can build your knowledge of a circular economy and its importance in achieving ambitious net-zero targets, and find inspiration to make a difference in your own organisation.

Get inspired. Be informed. Join Glasgow’s circular economy movement.


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