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Resilience Council told domestic demand is key to tourism sector recovery post-COVID

The latest meeting of the Glasgow Business Resilience Council saw Professor John Lennon, Director of the Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism at Glasgow Caledonian University provide an update on data and modelling for the sector: 

He told the meeting that hotel occupancy in the city was down 70%, with the lockdown meaning attractions are down 100% 

Looking towards sector recovery, he said domestic demand will be the key driver to this given the issues with international travel and access to the country.

For both domestic and business tourism, including the conference programme, we need to consider Glasgow’s key messages, how we incentivise people to return to the city and when to convey the message that ‘Glasgow is open and safe’.

Implications for the city centre, included demand management.  Some stores may open with 25% of footfall, however some stores may have flash sales which would drive demand. 

Consideration was required on how to manage demand on the street and how to manage spaces, with such as a volunteering programme of city chaperones to make social distancing experience better and a rapid response to problems spotted.

There were implications for commercial property and city centre office take up if businesses decided to move more to online and reduce travel post-pandemic 

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