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Webinar: Reflecting on the Italian Business Response to COVID-19

With the spread and scale of Coronavirus continue to grow on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly clear how the COVID-19 pandemic if going to be for organisations of all sizes and sectors. 

Working with some of our 1783 President’s Network Team, join us for a webinar with Sharon Reilly a Managing Partner of Reily & Tesoro an Employment Law Firm and John Stewart the Chairman of Airport Handling S.p.A at Aeroporto Milano Malpensa 2. 

Both business leaders are based in Milan and will reflect on the crisis from their own individual circumstances and the impact on their operations from the lockdown and other preventative measures put in place by the Italian Government. In addition they will reflect on the impact to the Italian economy and what advice they would offer businesses in Glasgow to help protect this business. 

The session will be hosted by Chamber member Russell Walker and will include an interactive Q&A. 

We are keen to proactively work with members to share best practice and approaches to this rapidly evolving situation. Further Coronavirus business discussion with members will follow. 

When is it? 

Tuesday 7 April 2020 – 2.00pm -2.45pm 

Ask your question? 

There will be a 20 minute discussion, followed by an interactive Question and Answer session. You will be able to submit questions using the online chat function. 

Register in advance for this meeting at: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/upElduutrzkq5Acb6C_vQDibDXCCqL8Grw

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