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Eyecademy: The Importance of Christmas Cheer in the Workplace

The beginning of December has arrived, and many workplaces are starting to embrace the festive season and spread a little Christmas cheer into the working environment, even if not all their employees celebrate the holiday. Offices across the city are filled with festivities in the lead up to Christmas, as there is excitement around Christmas parties, well-deserved holidays with family and friends, decorations, music and more. This positive vibe often provides motivation for employees to complete workloads and work better together as team. Embracing the season, here is what goes on at the Eyecademy office to spread Christmas joy:   


Christmas can often be a time of struggle of those less fortunate, which is why we have always hosted charity events around this time of year. Last year, we supported local charity Bobath Scotland, who provide much-needed support for children with cerebral palsy, which is the most common childhood disability that affects muscle control and movement. We raised over £150 last Christmas to provide invaluable toys and supplies for the centre, and were able to deliver over 10 gift bags full of presents to Bobath's Head of Fundraising.

Earlier on in the year, we also supported the Byte Night sleepout that took place at Blythswood Square, raising over £2,000 for Action for Children. As the bitter-cold weather during the Christmas period can be so life-threatening to those on the streets, we were incredibly proud to deliver this sum to help those in need during the season.

This year we have chosen to support Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day, and on Friday 13th December we will have baking and festivities at the Eyecademy office to support a good cause.


Christmas decorations always bring a little bit of cheer, a tree dressed in pretty lights and colourful tinsel will bring excitement to the office atmosphere. It’s also a great talking point for clients and a way to reinforce your brand colours or design. It’s advisable to refrain from any religious decorations. Top this off with some classic Christmas music and you will be sure to see some smiles around the office.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an office tradition where employees randomly select a colleague to purchase a low value gift for. This tradition is for fun, but it means you invest time to find out more about the person you have to buy for. It may mean you have to think about their likes and dislikes and get to know them better than you did before. When gifts are exchanged it creates a buzz and leaves you wondering who purchased your gift. Making the value cap smaller also provides a bit of a challenge to purchasing your presents. This year, our Eyecademy Secret Santa is £10, however capping a secret santa at £5 or even £1 can create more festive fun. 

Christmas Night Out

What is there not to like about a Christmas night out! Everyone wears their glamourous attire, plus good food and drinks. Letting their hair down and having non work-related chat. An event like this encourages employees to mingle, and this results in better communication and a closer team.

This is a great way to thank employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year, and a chance for everyone to be merry together. Some of the best memories are created at Christmas parties, but it’s best to avoid the embarrassing ones and remain mindful of having to return to the workplace!

The Result

With all the above in place this is a great recipe for happy employees and happy employees are more successful. Employees who genuinely enjoy their work are more productive. This inspires a greater performance and a greater success for both employers and employees. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to show your staff they are valued and have some fun. Don’t forget to share the fun, there are many marketing opportunities around this time of year. From sharing events on social media, inviting others to get involved in festivities and sharing the Christmas spirit.

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