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Sunday parking charges “more about raising cash”

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stuart Patrick has labelled the City Council’s plan to scrap free Sunday street parking as “more about raising cash”.

And he called for issues with Sunday public transport to be sorted before any moves are made to charge for on-street parking.

Stuart Patrick was speaking after it was revealed the Council wants to introduce parking charges seven days a week in city centre bays which are currently free or charge.

He said: “I suspect this proposal is not wholly about alleviating congestion or pollution, it’s budget-related and is more about raising cash. We understand the pressure the Council is under and this is one way of raising additional money, but not one we would support.

“Let’s sort out the issues with Sunday transport provision before we start charging for on-street parking. It has been well-recorded that the city centre is under pressure at this time, and the last thing it needs is further encouragement for shoppers to choose free parking alternatives at out of town centres.

He added: “It’s not immediately obvious how this plan tackles the need for a level playing field as set out by the Connectivity Commission.”

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