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DYW Glasgow launches apprenticeship challenge to showcase young talent

A competition, launching in Glasgow today (29 March), will ask apprentices to put their newly learned skills to the test to benefit the local community.  

The Glasgow Apprenticeship Challenge 2018, asks businesses with apprenticeship positions to put together a team of current apprentices who will oversee and deliver a project from start to finish.

The initiative, coordinated by Developing the Young Workforce Glasgow and hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, will open on 30 April and will run until 28 September. 

During the challenge, apprentices will plan, coordinate, and execute their project using the skills they have developed through their apprenticeship. 

The teams will be invited to give a presentation at a showcase event held in November, after which a winner will be picked for the Glasgow region to compete in the wider Scottish challenge. 

The challenge aims to demonstrate the quality of apprentices employed in Glasgow, and the high level of training offered by organisations, while promoting the benefits of apprenticeships to both businesses and potential apprentices. 

In 2017, a team from Scottish Water won the Glasgow challenge for developing walking tours of Waste Water Treatment sites for teachers and went on to compete at the national competition during Scottish Apprenticeship Week.

DYW Glasgow is the Scottish Government’s national strategy for strengthening links between schools and businesses. It aims to better prepare children and young adults for the world of work, with a target of reducing youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.

Alison McRae, Senior Director at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce said, “The Apprenticeship Challenge is a valuable opportunity for young people to come together and contribute to their communities. 

“It’s fantastic to see the wide range of projects the teams deliver, and to see them utilise the skills they’ve developed through apprenticeship schemes. 

“This is a great example of how apprenticeships can enrich Glasgow’s diverse workforce, and are beneficial to employers, communities and young people alike.” 

To enter the Challenge, businesses should register by 27 April: https://www.dywglasgow.com/2179

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