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CitizenM: Hey there, business traveller

Here’s the elevator pitch:

we took away all the things you don’t care about, and put luxury where it really counts. We have no bellboys, or chocolates on pillows. Instead, we have huge beds with the world’s best mattresses, and the softest duvets and pillows.

For entertainment, enjoy free movie libraries, plus free unlimited Wi-Fi. And you don’t have to put a toe out of bed - the MoodPad controls everything in the room. No boring lobbies here either, but chic living rooms for eating, working and relaxing, with Vitra furniture, books, art, 24/7 food, drinks and coffee. 

And if that wasn’t enough, citizenM Glasgow is famous for putting on great events, like film screenings, live music and street food takeovers.

So now, instead of calling you a ‘business traveller’, we’d like to call you a citizen. Welcome to citizenM

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