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Glasgow Flourish 2018

The learning and development programme for Senior Executives operating in Glasgow.  

Within a fast-changing environment, senior executives need to ensure they are well equipped to lead change, grapple with complex challenges and exploit new opportunities. On the Glasgow Flourish Programme you’ll explore ways to enhance and adapt your leadership.  You will build capacity and skills whilst improving your ability to drive essential change, motivate your people to achieve strategic objectives, develop an agile organisation and expand your peer network.

Recognising it can be lonely in a leadership role, and difficult to know where to turn for advice, inspiration and support – on the Flourish programme, you become part of a trusted group. You will share challenges, issues and ideas. Your co-participants will listen, question, encourage and support you. Your group will become a key resource with no agenda other than to help you become more successful and resilient.

The programme objectives...

  • Develop your creative thinking for new ways of dealing with complex situations
  • Derive actionable ideas you can implement within your business/organisation
  • You are not alone! Build resilience for continual change and greater confidence in taking hard decisions, evaluating risk and considering different courses of action
  • Generate new ideas about ways to innovate particularly around new technologies and the use of resources
  • Out of your normal environment, get different perspectives, learn from the experiences of senior leaders you wouldn’t usually get the chance to talk with
  • Enhance your empathy and ‘cultural intelligence’ to be better at communicating your vision, passion and strategy with diverse stakeholders - influencing skills
  • Enable you to link the learning experiences closely to strategy and plans at all levels: organizational, divisional, on teams, and among individuals
  • An ongoing peer and mentor/coaching support network
  • The opportunity, stimulus, space and time to reflect and think differently

The Group will be focused on solving strategic, operational and personal work challenges – taking an holistic view of what is needed to keep you on track, resilient, and purposeful.  Put diverse senior executives in a room and the potential is enormous!

You will hear from senior, experienced leaders, how they do and have tackled challenges – where they’ve got it right and when they didn’t – and how they used the learning from both.

This Programme is facilitated by the highly experienced Connie Young of Inspiring ChangeMakers (formerly Scotland Director of Common Purpose Leadership) to ensure that every bit of the group’s experience is brought in to play – combined with the expertise, wisdom  and insights of the Programme speakers and contributors.

Format of the Programme

Who participates?  There will be 12-15 participants only in the programme group, senior executives from across the sectors.  You can expect a mix of gender, business size and industry, forming an excellent and diverse group to learn from and with.

Where are the Programme days held?   Each Programme day will take place in a different venue in the Glasgow area. The programme is experiential, not academic or classroom based, so venues for example may include: a theatre, a prison, a manufacturing plant.

What do I get on the Programme?  Under the Chatham House Rule you will: go on site visits to meet with senior executives across the sectors; participate in round-table discussions with very experienced leaders who have inspiring and useful stories to share; tackle real business challenges.  You will learn from real case studies.

You will also take part in small Action Focused Learning Groups where you will be able to discuss individual challenges and seek new ideas and strategies.

You will visit a range of organisations to see and hear how others have and are tackling issues similar to your own but in a different context. You will hear from others how they tackle the challenge of achieving balance at and outside work and develop personal resilience. This will bring new and different perspectives to your business challenges.  

What is my time commitment?  The programme is 6 days experiential learning over 6 months.

What is my investment?   £2,100+vat for Chamber Members; £2,750+vat for Non-Members.

Speakers are very senior and experienced people who ‘walk the talk’ and are willing to share their experiences and insights, successes and failures, and what they’ve learned from them.  Most are based in the Glasgow area, but others are overseas members of the Chamber’s President’s Club.

2018 Programme Dates:  22nd August; 12th September; 10th October; 7th November; 5th December; and 11 January (2019).

How do I apply?  Please contact Connie Young at or on 07753 226189 for an informal chat to find out more, or just complete the application form.

“Glasgow Chamber of Commerce influences the future prosperity of Glasgow.  The more we can help organisations develop their leadership skills, capabilities and connections, the better for the economy and employment across the city region“


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