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8th Row Gains its First Transatlantic Client

Recently, amongst a flurry of new business wins 8TH Row also picked up its first transatlantic client based in the USA. Working in digital, I always knew the world was getting ‘smaller’, precipitated by the spread of social media and near instantaneous low-cost communication and project management software available at a whim today. I’ve heard of other businesses conducting meetings via Skype (other software is available) and rarely if ever meeting some clients face to face. But it’s the first time I’ve experienced it first-hand and it has been quite liberating. It used to only be business of a certain size that could break geographic barriers. The old phrase ‘across the pond’ has never sounded smaller. Even locally, boundaries continue to crumble. Gone are the days when you needed an office of the right size on the right street to be credible. It’s all about the quality of work and how you are as a person.

For businesses, finding and making the right partnerships is crucial; even if that means going thousands of miles to find the right one. And because of available technology even a small digital marketing agency can deliver quality work at scale these days. Speaking of offices, ironically, I’m now looking at some serviced office space because of growth, so some things never change it seems. But it’s really broadened my mind as to where (literally and metaphorically) the business can go and where work can come from. I’ve started getting into the mantra of thinking globally but acting locally; nowhere is too far if there’s good projects available, but there’s probably still plenty of business closer to home to win. We’re excited to see what the next six months holds; opportunities and challenges all.

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