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Super college extends reach into industry

City of Glasgow College is delighted to be working with a range of new business partners as a result of the Scottish Government’s Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF).

Scotland’s largest college will deliver a number of bespoke and specialist training programmes to successful applicants, of which almost 70% are new clients. 

The Fund which launched in autumn 2017 supports Scottish employers, who pay an Apprenticeship Levy, to undertake training and development which will help increase productivity, fill identified skills gaps and upskill and retrain the existing workforce. 

Roy Gardner, Vice Principal for Corporate Development & Innovation, City of Glasgow College, said: 

“Our business development team has worked hard to meet and achieve our target of almost £500,000 in terms of new business generated through the Flexible Workforce Development Fund. We have built on existing relationships, developed new partnerships and extended the wide choice of tailored training programmes we offer.” 

Jacqui Massie, Business Manager for Corporate Development at City of Glasgow College, said: 

“Scotland’s largest hospitality company, G1 Group, is an example of an organisation that identified a need for upskilling their staff across a number of areas and worked with us to put together a training plan and schedule which we delivered at our City campus. 

“The G1 Group includes fine dining restaurants, boutique hotels, nightclubs, cinemas and casinos. City of Glasgow College has world class catering training facilities, including 16 industry standard kitchens, a training restaurant and highly experienced award winning staff, so we were well placed to meet the group’s needs. 

“Working with G1 has further enhanced our links with industry and increased staff awareness of current best practice. The training has been a great success and we look forward to working with all our new business partners and to facilitating the next round of the Flexible Workforce Development Fund.” 

The Scottish Government has announced that the FWDF will continue into year two with an increase in the cap from £10,000 to £15,000. 

The college sector will continue to exclusively administer and deliver the fund building on current progress and including positive benefits to levy-paying employers with the option to utilise some, or all, of the fund for SME’s in their supply chain.

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