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SFA to progress Hampden Park & BT Murrayfield Options

The Scottish Football Association Board recently met to consider the opportunities available beyond the existing lease for the use of Hampden Park, which expires in 2020, and made the decision to limit the choice to either Hampden or Murrayfield.

As well as submissions from the owners of those venues involved in the process – Queen’s Park, Scottish Rugby, Celtic and Rangers – the Board also received supplementary information drawn from a spectrum of other key stakeholders, including the SFA membership.

Over the course of the meeting, each proposal was discussed in detail and broad themes were developed and debated among the group. A request from Glasgow City Council to review the timescales of any decision was also acknowledged.

Having considered all submissions and supporting documentation, the Board decided to further develop two positive options - remaining at Hampden Park beyond 2020 or moving to BT Murrayfield. 

This decision was taken after considering the financial implications of all proposals submitted.

Given the complexity of the discussion - as well as the social, economic and emotional impact of any final decision - the Board was unanimous that more work requires to be undertaken to bring further clarity and certainty to any final decision.

The next phase of the process will begin immediately with a view to final proposals being considered in the summer.

Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: “Glasgow Chamber is backing Hampden as the home of Scottish Football. The debate over the two venues goes further than football. Losing Hampden could damage the city’s international status as a sports city, having a knock on effect on other sports, other sectors and the wider economy.

“Glasgow, with Hampden in place, has the ability to host major events such as the Commonwealth Games and the European Championships, we welcome large concerts and we are the base for the Scottish Football Museum and Injury Clinic, the loss of which should be considered throughout the campaign.”

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