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Hampden Park
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Chamber backs Hampden as National Stadium decision delayed

The decision on whether Hampden Park will be retained as Scotland’s National Stadium for football from 2020 has been delayed. 

The Scottish Football Association had been expected to make its choice between Hampden and Edinburgh’s Murrayfield on Wednesday (Aug 29) following presentations from both the previous day.

However the seven-strong SFA board met but were unable to come to a conclusion, and the two parties have been asked to provide more information within the next seven days.

Meanwhile Glasgow Chamber has continued to give its support to the Hampden case after previously writing to the SFA.

In the letter Chamber chief executive Stuart Patrick stated the economic case for the National Stadium to remain in Glasgow, but also appealed to emotion, talking of the city’s “great passion” for football.

Patrick’s letter speaks of Hampden being “known across the world as Scotland’s football home” and its importance to Glasgow’s position in the Top Five Ultimate Sports Cities

Here is the full text of the letter:

“We are writing to state our support for Hampden Park and urge the Scottish FA to ensure it remains the home of Scottish football beyond 2020.

“The fact that Hampden is one of the host venues for Euro 2020 is a reminder of its world class status and capability of hosting such events and the benefits that it brings to Glasgow, and for the profile of Scottish football.

“Further, the recent sell-out appearances of such popular music stars as Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and JAY-Z this summer further remind of the stadium’s appeal, flexibility and potential beyond sport.

“The economic impact of Hampden Park, through Glasgow’s great passion not only for football but also these major music events is of significant value to the city and to Scotland, not only measured by tens of millions of pounds but also by reputation.

“We also know that Hampden has forged strong links with the local community and there are countless businesses, bars, cafes and restaurants which prosper in the surrounding areas providing many full-time and part-time jobs.

“Hampden Park is more than a stadium – it is a statement of Glasgow’s proud place as one of the world’s top sporting cities and of Scottish football’s position in the global game. It is known across the world as Scotland’s football home.

“Glasgow maintained its place as one of the world’s top five Ultimate Sports Cities in SportBusiness International’s global ranking. Glasgow also won the award for the World’s Best Small City for hosting sporting events – and the success of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, in which Hampden played a major role hosting the athletics and the closing ceremony, had a lot to do with these rankings.

“The city has also just successfully delivered the Glasgow 2018 European Championships in a ground-breaking format to a massive global media audience, once again demonstrating the city’s capacity to deliver world class sporting events.”

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