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29studios – Incorporate in the USA

29studios, Scotland’s Innovative Video Marketing Agency has launched their U.S. subsidiary 29studios Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The WeWork network will be the U.S. base for 29studios Inc. WeWork was selected for it’s 450 locations globally giving the 29ERS access to a global infrastructure with a working culture that resonates with the 29studios HQ in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Gillian O’Neil, Founder and joint CEO said “It has been an incredible Entrepreneurial journey and we thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty. We have been working with a global customer base for a few years now and we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We travel often to create a local presence and it was only a matter of time until we officially incorporated the U.S. subsidiary, 29studios Inc. The next few years 29studios will deepen relationships with our customers while making new relationships along the way in the USA. Understanding what your customers need and innovating solutions around them has been core to our business strategy, working with some of the finest global businesses executives who truly put customer first has been instrumental in the way we are shaping our business” 

Kev O’Neil, Founder and joint CEO said “29studios are reinventing the way Corporate Business adopt video into their communication strategies, with Video Campaigns and Presentation Toolkit. Innovation has always been the driving force at 29studios. With video being the no1 communication medium coupled with social media, businesses are achieving deeper and more meaningful outcomes with analytical measurements from their video campaigns. Video analytics provide insight that customers can laser focus on, having access to where the impact of engagement is happening within the video strategy,  powered with the ability to prescribe deeper and more meaningful videos based on measurable data can transform the way sales teams can make calculated decisions during the sales process.   

Lynne McGunigal, Founder and Creative Director said  “Our 29ERS network is already blossoming in the UK we have some of the finest creatives and technical talent in our company and network. Now with our expansion, we open access for U.S. creatives and technical talent to get in touch and join our community. 29studios has transitioned in the past 18 months, the team has evolved, our business has matured and we are excited for the next stage of our journey.”

The 29studios business model of Make Intelligent Video has been built on the foundations of Strategy, Content, Distribution and Analytics, all with video centricity,  this has been a successful formula for our innovative and entrepreneurial agency. 

Interested in Video Strategy for your business? Talk to the 29ERS  info@29studios.com

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