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Digital Workplaces Improve Productivity

Based on a detailed study of 20,000 employees working in European medium-to-large size organisations across different industries, recent research by Microsoft, in association with London Business School, identified three major benefits of digital workplaces defined as organisations making full use of modern technologies combined with strong digital leadership and digital cultures.

  • Higher productivity - in digital workplaces, employees become more productive, working smarter, not necessarily harder. Quality, efficiency and competitiveness increase.
  • Creativity and collaboration - with employees working in more creative and collaborative ways, the digital organisation becomes more responsive to the dynamic changes taking place in the external business environment. Digital workplaces, therefore, help to future-proof the business.
  • Talent recruitment and retention - individuals working in organisations with a strong digital culture are much more likely to feel engaged and empowered. This helps the business to cultivate and attract the best talent.

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