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Scotland is Now
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Let's put Scotland at the top of everyone's Now List

In February 2016, VisitScotland presented a new world of destination marketing that has seen the Spirit of Scotland engage with millions of visitors. Now is the time to look to the future and look at how we can accelerate international growth and build a strong brand for Scotland. Something that will see the Spirit of Scotland evolve.

We have unveiled a new national brand for Scotland, working with the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Universities Scotland.

As part of this, launching simultaneously today in North America, London and China, a major new campaign called ‘Scotland is Now’ will put Scotland in the international spotlight and showcase the country’s world-leading assets to a global audience. ‘Scotland is Now’ is designed to put the country firmly at the top of everyone’s list of places to live, work, study, invest and visit.

Scotland is a bold and positive country, rich in history and heritage but forging forward in a way that is progressive, pioneering and inclusive. We would like you to help us spread the word – just as you did with the Spirit of Scotland - to ensure that we put Scotland at the top of everyone's NOW list.


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