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Grand Central Hotel - Lost papers capture snapshot of life in 1924

Staff at the Grand Central Hotel recently found some old newspapers in the clock tower of the hotel dating back to 1924. The story was featured in Saturday's Daily Record.

The stories and adverts from the old copies of the Daily Record give a unique insight into the era:

A women of 50 sued her former fiancé for breach of promise claiming damages relating to the number of kisses she’d given him. The women, from Kentucky in the US, declared she had shared 400,000 kisses with her ex and was awarded $20,000 damages – calculated at £4000 in the exchange rate of time. 

30 trawlers were caught in a storm in Icelandic waters, leading to the deaths of 73 fishermen. Six children also perished when they froze to death out playing far from their homes, unable to get shelter. Another severe storm claimed the lives of seven men on a motor boat. 

Two sun-bleached skeletons found in a desert were identified as RAF officers who’d been missing for seven months. Their plane had been forced to land in a sandstorm in Iraq. It’s thought they may have attempted to walk to safety and lay undiscovered hidden by sand.

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