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HMRC - Employer support in June

Getting started as an employer: This webinar is on registering with HMRC, taking on your first employee, running payroll, and paying HMRC. Book here

Expenses and benefits for employers - an introduction: This webinar will provide details on paying expenses to employees and providing benefits. Book here

Expenses & benefits for employers - case studies: Find out how you deal with employee expenses and benefits including employee medical insurance, payment of personal bills and trivial benefits. Book here  

Expenses & benefits for employers - employee travel: This webinar will provide an overview of the tax treatment of travel and subsistence payments to employees and also mileage payments for employees using their own vehicle. Book here

 PAYE: end-of-year expenses and benefits (P11D): We’ll take you through the online form P11D, demonstrating various examples, including car and car fuel, vans, employees using their own vehicles, medical insurance and more. Book here

For more information, available at a time to suit you, try our e-learning guide; 'Becoming an employer' and our short YouTube video 'New Employer - the Basics'.

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