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Software and Technology: The Engine Driving Digital Transformation (Video)

The topic of digital transformation has been covered extensively on the Bridgeall blog – see Category Archives: Digital Transformation.

Throughout the various posts, we have emphasised that successful digital transformation requires the integration of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture AND technology. The failure to recognise this mutual dependency is one of the main reasons why many attempted transformations fail – see our most recent post What Transformational Leaders Have In Common.

The key steps involved in developing, implementing and managing successful digital transformation programmes are being covered in our current series of posts on Accelerating Digital.

The Engine of Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation requires the effective combination of technology AND organisation.

While previous blog posts have covered the latter, to date we have said very little about the technologies underpinning transformation or the range of software support services provided by Bridgeall.

This is no way underplays the importance of software and technology to digital transformation success. On their own, they may not be enough, but without excellence in software development and project delivery, digital change programmes will very quickly hit the buffers. Software and technology is the engine powering organisational transformation.

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