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What do breakfast, business innovation and university research have in common? Why the Gaitherin of course!

Trailblazers from across multiple industries and disciplines in Glasgow came to the Tontine building in the heart of the city for networking with a side of breakfast at the Gaitherin on 12 May. The Gaitherin is a group of researchers from the University of Glasgow and local business leaders who regularly come together to explore synergies between research and business innovation.

At the May event the headline talk was delivered by Dr. Stephan von Delft from the Adam Smith Business School and his ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’ (KTP) partner, Neil Campbell from leading Glasgow insurance brokerage firm CCRS Brokers. Together they described the keys to business model innovation, and how to side-step common pitfalls. Campbell told the crowd how the KTP helped CCRS fund essential innovations by providing funding, a graduate position and research partnerships.

The highlight of the Gaitherin for many is the rapid-fire pitches. These are a series of four quick pitches where group members can present their latest ideas to the group. May’s pitches included the Cancer Innovation Challenge, and an overview of the ‘Digital District’ and smart campus plans for the University of Glasgow campus development project. Stuart White from Sanondaf demonstrated how advances electrostatic spraying and fogging can help cut down on sickness, and Matthew Barr from the University of Glasgow showed how video games could aid in students’ development of transferable skills. Dr. Manosh Paul wrapped up the pitches by presenting his cutting edge research on ways to create carbon neutral, or even negative, systems in the U.K. Past quick pitch favourites have included 3D printed population models, new technology for food safety, and social enterprise architecture firms.

The Gaitherin comes together every-other month for an explorative time revolving around research and innovation. You can connect with the Gaitherin online at the University of Glasgow website http://www.gla.ac.uk/businessandinnovation/thegaitherin/ or on Meet Up at https://www.meetup.com/The-Gaitherin/.

Pictured: Dr John Minton shows his 3D printed population models to Alisdair Clements at The Gaitherin after his quick pitch.


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