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Glasgow Autism friendly
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Glasgow Airport becomes autism friendly

Glasgow Airport has become the first in the UK to provide staff with specialist training from the Autism Reality Experience, ensuring that passengers with autism are given as much support as possible when navigating through the busy surroundings of the airport.

The innovative sensory sessions help provide a better understanding to how the everyday environment can impact any individual on the autism spectrum. Many of the airport’s 5,000 staff took part in the training, giving a better understanding of how sensitivities such as light and sound will impact an autistic passenger’s experience.

Glasgow Airport’s Terminal Compliance Manager Paul Scott said: “We regularly receive requests from the carers or parents of people with autism who are planning to travel through the airport and the level of support they require can vary depending on the specific needs of the person travelling.

“We’ve been arranging pre-flight visits to the airport from families for a number of years.

“The number of requests we receive each year is increasing, so we thought it was important to bring in the Autism Reality Experience team to ensure that both our staff and passengers can better appreciate the difficulties faced by people with autism doing something seemingly as straightforward as going through an airport.”

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