09 Nov 2017

What will 280 Character limit mean for Twitter?

By Lucia Funai, Senior Social Media Manager, BIG Partnership Since tweeting began a decade ago, the lure of the channel has been that you w…

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31 Oct 2017

Nuremberg visit brings value of twinning deals to the fore

Discussing the implications of Brexit on any business trip to Europe is unavoidable, though it helps that Scotland voted the way it did.   …

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28 Aug 2017

Barclay – a good piece of work but discontent will remain

Expecting the Barclay Review to solve the flaws of our business rates system was always going to be unreasonable.  That is especially so sin…

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02 Aug 2017

Begging – a highly sensitive issue and challenge

Here’s a topic that is not easy to address. Take a wander around any major city and you will no doubt be aware that begging and rough sleepi…

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31 Jul 2017

Tribunal Fees Order Unlawful – Where Now?

By David Hoey, Partner, BTO In 2013 the Government introduced a Fees Order which required the relevant party to pay a fee in order to proce…

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22 Jun 2017

Close relationship between Chamber and Council important to Glasgow

The leadership of Glasgow is changing. Last week we held our first members’ session with the new Leader of Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitke…

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