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Membership of the President’s 1783 Network is by personal invitation, and there is no fee involved.    

‘Home Team’ members, of which we have circa 350, are senior and experienced leaders within their organisations and across their sectors, operating in and from the Glasgow city region, who are ambassadors and advocates for the city – across Glasgow and beyond.  The same applies for the ‘Away Team’ members, of which we have 150 members across multiple territories, who have strong affiliations to, and fondness for, Glasgow. 

President’s 1783 Network members say they want to be recognised as a “coalition of the willing”, the solutions-focussed ‘brains trust’ helping Glasgow City Region and its economy to flourish, to raise the profile in the international arena, and to facilitate international trade.  

  • to encourage inward investors to consider Glasgow City region
  • to encourage those looking to expand or locate in the UK, to consider Glasgow
  • to share ideas with the Chamber about business/sector opportunities, helping broaden the outlook of those based in Glasgow to the global trends – becoming the bridge to new opportunities
  • to help connect co-members as appropriate for mutual benefit
  • to assist in spreading key city economy, Glasgow Economic Leadership and Chamber messages through members’ own networks 

In other words, to talk up Glasgow!  This is your opportunity to access business and industry and to build relationships for yourself and your organisation.  

Members agree that their email addresses can be shared with others in the President’s Network on request and as appropriate for specific reasons. 

Our overseas President’s 1783 Network members, alongside our global network of Chambers of Commerce, allows us to help our Partners further establish their international connections and can support Sottish Government’s international strategy and initiatives.

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