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Exclusive to the Chamber network, Chamber Roadside Assistance provides excellent preferential rates on The AA's roadside assistance services.

It is free to sign-up to, providing Accredited Chamber members with instant discounts of up to 64% off standard rates!

Capitalising on the aggregate purchasing power of the combined Chamber Network, Chamber Roadside Assistance offers competitive prices especially for Chamber members that cannot be beaten in the marketplace.

At a glance:

  • Up to 64% off standard rates
  • Dedicated call centre for Chamber members
  • Full fleet breakdown assistance
  • More patrols than any other competing organisation
  • Excellent customer service & savings

How does it work?
Chamber Roadside Assistance has a dedicated call-centre for Chamber members. To obtain this exclusive offer, members simply telephone the call centre to set-up a business account. Alternatively, a fax back form is available for companies to register their details.

Roadside Assistance:
This cover means assistance ¼ of a mile or more from your home. If the problem is not immediately repairable, you and your vehicle will be taken home or to the nearest garage, whichever is closer.

When roadside repair is not possible this takes the vehicle, driver and up to 7 passengers to any single destination on the UK mainland.

Relay Plus:
Extends the relay service to provide one of three alternative arrangements for driver and up to 7 passengers. To include car hire for 48 hrs (subject to hire company's T&C's, or 1 nights accommodation in the vicinity of the breakdown or accident or, reimbursement of reasonable transport cost to allow you to complete your journey (up to current limit)).

Home Start:
For breakdowns within ¼ mile of the driver's home.

Accident Management:
AA Accident Management will co-ordinate your insurance claim, arrange a speedy and high quality repair and can even help with uninsured loss recovery following an accident, act of vandalism or theft.

Chamber Roadside Assistance Helpline: Tel: 0800 55 11 88, quoting reference* and Chamber Name.

Chamber Fleet Advantage

The AA has joined forces with Arval to bring you Chamber Fleet Advantage, a service that helps to take the hassle out of fleet management and help members get on with running their business and satisfying their customers.

Chamber Fleet Advantage consolidates your fleet management into one simple solution. It can help with: easier incident management, simpler budgeting, improved cash flow, better cost control, smoother administration - and best of all, freedom from hassle.

At a glance (features):

  • Up to 35% off breakdown fees
  • Choice of two levels of vehicle breakdown
  • Fuel purchase at around 95% of UK outlets
  • Ability to pay for servicing & maintenance, vehicle hire & more
  • Regular reports detailing fuel costs, service/maintenance activities & monthly fees

How does it work?
To obtain their excellent service, members simply need to call the dedicated Chamber Fleet Advantage call centre to speak to an advisor who will send further details and an application form.

NB: Only company-owned/leased vehicles can be added to each business account to qualify for discounts. Vehicles registered in a personal name will be declined access to the business account.


Buying Group

Level of cover

Std 3-6 rate

Buying Group Rate


% discount

British Chamber of Commerce

Fleetwide 1





British Chamber of Commerce

Fleetwide 2





British Chamber of Commerce

Fleetwide 3





British Chamber of Commerce

Fleetwide 4





British Chamber of Commerce

Fleetwide 5





British Chamber of Commerce






British Chamber of Commerce

Minibus Rescue





British Chamber of Commerce

Specialist 2





British Chamber of Commerce

Specialist 4





British Chamber of Commerce

Specialist 5





Chamber Fleet Advantage Helpline: Tel: 0800 55 11 88, quoting reference* and Chamber Name.

*Contact Glasgow Chamber of Commerce for your reference: 0141 204 2121


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