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Inward Trade Mission for UK Buyers - Portugal

Sectors: Hotel Textiles, Design, Décor, Home Textiles, Soft Furnishings 

In today’s world where consumers have a conscience about the source of the products they acquire, the relative proximity of Portugal to the UK market scores a big positive. 

Having benefited from generous EU subsidies, Portuguese manufacturers are equipped with the most modern technologies enabling them to compete with further flung countries. This is especially true in the textiles sector where generations of traditional skills and artistic flair now enjoy the efficiencies of innovation to ensure that Portuguese products have the best of both worlds – quality and cost. This has been evidenced by the recent surge of exports to savvy buyers throughout the continent. 

As skyrocketing transport costs are often uppermost in the minds of importers and CP26 highlighted the importance of reducing distances from production to consumption, Portugal has proven to be an interesting option for carbon footprint conscious buyers. 

Acting as a coherent cluster, the textile sector embraces a multitude of sub-sectors including home textiles, soft furnishings, hotel textiles, design, and décor. In our capacity as the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce it is our role to match worthy buyers in the UK with compatible manufacturers in Portugal and we hereby invite you to consider joining us on our exploratory trade mission where carefully selected buyers such as yourself, will be given an opportunity to meet with potential suppliers in the north of Portugal between 12-14 October 2022. 

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Dates: 12-14 October 2022

Deadline for signing up: 15 August 2022 

Objectives of this Mission: 

  • Gain an in-dept knowledge of the business environment and stability of the supply chain.
  • Attend individual one-two-one meetings with potential suppliers, in accordance with your profile and objectives.
  • Develop local contacts and increase your awareness of the full potential.
  • Factory visits, whenever possible. 

Terms and Conditions of the programme: 

1. Buyers are accepted and designated according to the BPCC’s eligibility criteria, as follows: professional profile, company details (such as purchasing and importing volume), products of interest, geographical area and budget restrictions. 

2. Buyers accepted into the programme will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Travel expenses and accommodation costs
  • Dedicated service during visit 

3. Participants will be responsible for any other expenses that the organisers do not agree to cover when acceptance into the programme is confirmed. 

4. The Buyer will commit to:

  • Take part in at least 8 meetings with companies of interest. The agenda will be determined by the BPCC’s Matchmaking System, with the supervision of a local consultancy (Moneris)
  • Attend a Welcome Cocktail for Buyers (venue and date to be confirmed) 

5. Participants who cancel once their flight ticket has been issued and/or their hotel reservation has been made must take responsibility for full payment of any fees which may be incurred as a result of the cancellation. 

6. If a participant does not attend the meetings or fails to fulfil their obligations as a Buyer (item 4), they must reimburse the organisers for travel and/or accommodation expenses. 

7. GDPR Disclaimer: By taking part in the Trade Mission Programme, you give your consent for basic contact information for your company (name, country, products and website), as well as your name and position, to appear on the list of Buyers to be passed onto the registered companies.

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