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ATR (Movement Certificate)

An ATR Document is a goods movement certificate used for preferential treatment of goods moved between the European Community and Turkey.

All exporters completing ATR documents must read a copy of the HM Customs and Revenue Notice 812.  This notice can be requested from the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000.

This Notice explains the rules to be satisfied if goods are to qualify for preferential tariff treatment which the EC has formed with Turkey for a wide range of industrial products.  Most agricultural and all coal and steel products qualify under traditional reciprocal trade agreements.

Industrial goods are entitled to preferential treatment if they:
(a) originate in or
(b) are in free circulation in either the Community or Turkey

The following goods are considered to be in free circulation:
(a) Imports from outside the Community or Turkey on which:
- all import formalities have been completed and
- any customs duties or equivalent charges have been paid and not repaid in

(b) Goods manufactured in the Community and/or Turkey wholly or partly from materials or parts originating outside the Community or Turkey, provided that:
- all import formalities for the materials or parts have been completed and
- any customs duties or equivalent charges have been paid and not repaid in whole or in part.

Note. This is not applicable to Northern Cyprus.  In this case, an EC Certificate of Origin should be used.

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