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From 5 April 2021 click and collect services can be offered by all retailers in Level 4 areas, in line with permitted collection services regulations.

The use of click and collect services is subject to the stay local restrictions in Level 3 and 4 areas where, by law, no-one is permitted to leave their local authority area unless it is for an essential purpose.

Permitted collection services

It is important that all collection services are operated in a way that minimises any opportunity for contact between staff and customers and between customers.  From 5 April, all non-essential retailers are able to offer a permitted collection service only where it meets the following legal requirements:

  • it is operated by a staggered appointment system for collection with, where reasonably practicable, a gap between each appointment to separate customers from each other
  • limits access to the premises only to the extent, if any, that is required to offer the collection service.  Access to other areas of the closed store is not allowed
  • Retailers should therefore ensure that there is a gap between appointments unless there is a good reason why that is not practicable.  The length of the gap may vary according to the circumstances, bearing in mind that this requirement is imposed in order to keep staff and customers safe.

While permitted collection restrictions do not apply to essential retailers, the use of appointments to collect pre-ordered goods is strongly encouraged.

Whilst these measures apply, retailers who are open should strive to implement similar controls, wherever possible, in order to minimise the need for customers to enter the premises and to minimise interactions with each other and with staff.

Other measures that may be put in place could include:

  • avoiding passing goods hand-to-hand
  • frequent cleaning of any surfaces involved in collection services and reducing touch points
  • messaging customers in advance of collection to emphasise the need for face coverings to be worn and that 2 metre physical distancing is to be maintained
  • additional appropriate measures to ensure customers with disabilities are able to collect safely and securely

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