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Barclays Back to Business Programme

Barclays have created the Barclays Back to Business Programme with Cambridge Judge Business School – an online toolkit to identify and build resilience and recovery plans, that SMEs can navigate in their own time. The programme will help business owners assess the health of their business and identify how to sustain and grow it during a crisis, with scenarios they can use to see how the pandemic might affect their business in future. The key output will be a resilience plan, which they can continue to test and evolve over time.

Barclays are aiming to help at least 10,000 businesses access the programme, which launches on 22nd June 2020. From each businesses start date, they will have two months to complete the course, which has about 15 hours of content. Any business can benefit – from a sole trader to a medium-sized enterprise.

The programme is free to access and open to all regardless of any existing relationship with Barclays.Registration is now live and all businesses need to do is register their interest. Cambridge Judge Business School will get in touch to confirm their place on the programme and the access details.

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