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Kynesis: Coaching services

Caroline Donaldson has extensive experience of working with senior teams and bringing out talent at all levels within an organisation. She has a keen interest in the behavioural aspects of executive and board development, which is supported by over 30 years’ experience as an executive coach.

Caroline is passionate about leadership and sees her purpose is to help the executive she is coaching meet their goals and objectives and provide support as they develop. Right now, that support may be invaluable. It might be a quick chat on the phone or a zoom meeting to talk through what is on your mind, especially if every day is feeling a bit like ground hog day!

If you are you feeling a bit stuck, struggling with motivation, aware your emotions are a bit up and down that chat might just help.

How well do you relax, manage the boundaries of working from home, switch off properly?

Contact me either by email or telephone me on 07818435003. Who knows, I might be able to help!

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