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Industry: Transport  

About the organisation: Stagecoach is one of Britain’s leading public transport businesses, helping connect communities for over 40 years. Stagecoach’s vision is to help create a greener, smarter, safer, healthier and fairer country by leveraging its power to connect communities sustainably 

Stagecoach key sustainability highlights: 

  • UK’s biggest investor in hybrid-electric bus technology 
  • Stagecoach buildings and fleet are powered by 100% renewable energy 
  • Will operate a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2035 
  • Aim to divert 95% of their waste from landfill by 2026 

In detail  

Stagecoach has launched a new long-term sustainability strategy with a call for “radical behaviour change” to make national government net zero ambitions a reality. 

Stagecoach’s strategy – Driving Net Zero: Better Places to Live and Work – aims to help create a greener, smarter and healthier country. The plan will see investment in new zero-emissions fleets and other green technologies over the next 15 years to reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the planet, as well as initiatives to cut waste, boost recycling and conserve water. 

Without Stagecoach bus services, there would be an annual increase of 190,000 tonnes of CO2 through passengers using alternative transport, mainly cars. 

UK’s biggest investor in hybrid-electric bus technology 

Stagecoach has invested more than £1billion in new greener buses over the past decade and in March 2021 announced that it will be introducing a further 46 new fully electric buses across Scotland as part of its drive to improve air quality and support the Scottish Government’s environmental targets.  

Through investment in LED lighting, intelligent building heating control systems and renewables, it has already reduced its carbon emissions by 14% between 2014 and 2019 and has committed to operating a zero-emissions bus fleet by 2035 

To further reduce its environmental impact, Stagecoach is the first Scottish bus operator to introduce opportunity charging which allows buses to benefit from rapid and intense charges of power while in service, rather than charging overnight for hours at a time. 

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Driving Net Zero: Better Places to Live and Work strategy 

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