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Industry: Creative / Design 

About the organisation:

Snook is a design studio built to make the world more human. Working with government, business and communities, they design products and services designed with the users in mind.

Previous projects include work with Zero Waste Scotland to look at ways of promoting a circular economy in cities, working with councils to provide inclusive access to public transport for users with mobility issues and other support needs and working with a software company to develop Pisces - a tool that decreases waste in the fishing industry.

Snook’s key sustainability highlights:

  • Have formed a Thriving Planet mission and internal working group
  • Use global frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to inform their strategy and decisions
  • Worked with a local Glasgow business to develop a circular economy lighting service

In detail

Planet-centred design

Creating a greener, more circular society is at the heart of Snook’s direction as a business – particularly as the design of products and services plays a central role in finding innovative and practical solutions to the climate crisis.

As part of their climate action, Snook has developed a Thriving Planet core mission ‘to work to make sure the sustainable thing is always the best thing and to keep the planet’s long term health at the heart of all the work they do.This work includes a Thriving Planet internal working group that meets every week to discuss how the organisation can become truly planet-centred. The group means employees at every level can input to the Thriving Planet strategy and work with those they don’t usually interact and work with.

Snook also aims to attract and prioritise working with clients that align with their own mission, who prioritise sustainability and planet-centred design such as local Glasgow lighting manufacturer EGG Lighting.

Designing a circular lighting service

Currently, it is estimated that 40,000 tonnes of waste could be saved each year by upgrading and reusing existing light fittings. Snook worked with EGG to explore the possibility of a lighting-as-a-service model to help clients meet sustainability and economic targets and reduce this waste that adds to our country’s emissions every year.

The 9-week project sprint included working with the EGG project team and 18 lighting stakeholders to understand current attitudes and barriers towards circular lighting services.

They've recently launched a product-as-a-service Circular Lighting Platform. Subscribers pay for the light they need rather than the equipment that provides it and EGG installs, maintains and repairs it, providing free upgrades when new LED technology becomes available. It removes the effort of installing, maintaining and upgrading lighting fixtures and reduces costs, provides access to the latest lighting innovations and assurance that they are working with a provider who values social and environmental responsibility."

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