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HFD Group

Industry: Construction / Built Environment

About the organisation: HFD is a leading Scottish commercial property company which has delivered in excess of 2.8 million sq. ft. of building developments to date.  Its flagship development,  177 Bothwell Street in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, is set to become Glasgow’s largest office building and will be occupied by businesses including Virgin Money, CBRE and BNP Paribas.

177 Bothwell Street’s key sustainability highlights:

  • Powered by 100% local, renewable energy
  • Fully electric with zero carbon emissions
  • Designed with recycled materials and smart building technology systems

In detail

“Climate change is the single biggest challenge of our time, and it is incumbent on us all to make positive changes.”  

Stephen Lewis, Managing Director at HFD Property Group is committed to ensuring that the built environment is part of the solution to the climate crisis and is focused on addressing some of the sustainability challenges within the construction and property sector – one of the most resource-intensive industries globally.  

177 Bothwell Street is a flagship development for the team and is set to have the most efficient Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score for a city centre office in Glasgow – an ‘A’ rating nearly 50% more efficient than a standard ‘A’ rating - thanks to the following measures.

100% electricity sourced from local, renewable energy

Located just 15 miles from Glasgow, the Blantyre Wind Farm in South Lanarkshire provides certified wind energy to power the office building, thanks to a landmark agreement with energy provider Engie. On the sourcing of local energy, Stephen Lewis said:

 “Generating 100% renewable energy from an identifiable source in close proximity to the building was important for us so that our occupiers can say they are delivering on their sustainability pledges with full transparency.”

Design for the future

Another part of the building’s sustainability strategy –– is the use of recycled materials, efficient design, and smart technology. For example, the building’s façade and glazing, which is made from recycled material, has been designed to maximise natural daylight whilst maintaining a high thermal performance.

177 Bothwell Street will also feature a range of facilities for climate-friendly commuting, with extensive provisions for cyclists and capacity for all 48 of its car parking spaces to connect to electric vehicle charging points.


Head over to our Youtube channel for an interview with Stephen Lewis, managing director at HFD Property Group, filmed at their new 177 Bothwell Street development. 

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