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Glasgow Science Centre

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About the organisation: Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) is an educational charity that inspires and motivates people to engage with science. 

Key sustainability highlights: 

  • Glasgow Science Centre will be the venue for the official Green Zone at COP26.
  • Its 'Our World, Our Impact' programme, which aims to make climate science relevant to day-to-day life, has reached over 1.2 million people, including schools and underserved communities. 
  • GCS has created a number of digital engagement platforms, including its new digital science festival site Curious About: Our Planet and its new digital schools offer GSC Learning Lab bringing climate science to schools and families across Scotland. 
  • It has also covered climate science in GSC’s family magazine ‘The Spark’ and mini podcast ‘A Spark of science’ to reach those without access to the internet. 

In detail 

As COP26 approaches, Our World, Our Impact aims to provide a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in the climate conversation.

With Support from the Scottish Government, GSC will be running a series of activities to involve schools and communities as we prepare for the arrival of COP26: 

  • COP26 Community Pop-Ups – GSC will support its community partners to engage with the conference as it is happening. It will attend local events with our Powering the Future exhibits, OWOI resources and activities from the National Climate Campaign. 
  • GSC Learning Lab – GSC will offer primary schools in remote, rural and deprived areas access to its hugely popular ‘GSC Learning Lab’ programme, as well as expanding its programme to lower primary. 
  • Curious About: Our Planet – GSC will build on its unique digital science festival site, providing schools throughout Scotland free access to climate resources and inspiring live sessions with researchers. 
  • National Climate Campaign – Working with its colleagues in the Scottish science centre network, it will share its expertise and resources, creating a National Campaign that reaches underserved audiences throughout Scotland, upskilling the sector making its more dynamic and resilient. 


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